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The Other Messengers

The Susanna Dickinson Museum presents "The Other Messengers” -this exhibit explores the experiences of the other people who survived the Battle of the Alamo alongside Susanna Dickinson. For so long, it has been told that only a single woman and her baby survived the battle. Come find out the real story! Exhibit on display from June 2020 - December 2020.

Painting of Susanna Dickinson on the road with two other survivors including Travis' slave "Joe" after the Battle of the Alamo.

Online Exhibit: Tough Texas Women - Barbara Jordan

We know the story of Susanna Dickinson, but there have been many other Tough Texas Women who have contributed to history. In this ongoing series presented by the Susanna Dickinson Museum, we explore the lives and accomplishments of these women. These are their stories.


Online Exhibit: The Other Messengers

Susanna Dickinson wasn't the only "Messenger of the Alamo."  Learn the stories of the other women, children, and enslaved individuals who walked out of the carnage inside the Alamo, as well as the residents of San Antonio who dealt with the horrific aftermath of the battle.