Residential streets are swept up to six times a year, while major streets and protected bike lanes are swept twice a month. This schedule allows for the regular sweeping of many of the City's prized bicycle facilities, located both on residential and major streets. View the service map to learn when street sweepers will be in your area.

Austin Resource Recovery cannot sweep streets without curbs, but litter is periodically picked up by hand from these streets.

The street sweeping system is designed to clean the gutters and prevent automotive fluids and other contaminants from polluting Austin's creeks and waterways. Clean streets provide a healthy, safe and attractive environment for all users of the roadway. City street sweeping crews remove nearly 6,200 tons of trash and debris from roadways each year; that's the equivalent of 3,333 average-sized cars! Learn more about how you can help reduce litter.

Additional Information

  • Keep your trees trimmed so that there is a least 14 feet of clearance above your curb. Trim your bushes so they do not block the curb line.
  • Do not rake or blow leaves, grass or other trash into the streets. This is prohibited by City ordinance. Street sweeping equipment is not able to handle limbs, branches or large quantities of grass and leaves. Dispose of these materials through your weekly composting collection.
  • On your scheduled street cleaning week, avoid parking on streets, remove empty trash and recycling carts, and remove other obstacles such as basketball hoops. Doing so will help avoid debris being left behind on your street.
  • Sweepers operate Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We do not routinely sweep on weekends, holidays or collection days.