Zero Waste Block Leaders (ZWBLs) are engaged residents who are passionate about sustainability and zero waste. They offer their time and knowledge to their friends, families and neighbors. They share information about recycling, composting, repurposing and repairing.

ZWBLs are committed to zero waste 

As a ZWBL, you will play an important role in getting Austin to zero waste by 2040. You will have direct access to Austin Resource Recovery staff and informational materials.  With the best and most accurate information, you will do what you are probably already doing; engage with your communities on the topic of zero waste. As a ZWBL, you will teach, encourage and empower. 

ZWBLs are connected with: 

  • In-depth trainings on recycling, composting and Austin Resource Recovery services and programs. 
  • Educational speakers and tours.  
  • Monthly get-togethers to meet other ZWBLs and talk about ideas, opportunities, challenges and program updates. 
  • Printed informational materials to share with your communities. 
  • Shared drive access with resources guides, social media toolkits, and more. 
  • General Q&A support.  

Become a ZWBL 

Be a resource in your community and help Austin move closer to our zero waste goal. Whether you prefer to talk about, write about or show people how, anyone can be a Zero Waste Block Leader. The first step is to attend an orientation (offered quarterly.) If you are unable to attend any currently scheduled orientations, sign up to be notified when more are scheduled.  

Once you have attended an orientation, you’re ready to participate in your community! ARR staff will reach out regularly to support you with resources, information and opportunities.