Austin Parks and Recreation Overview

Walnut Creek Metro Park


At the Austin Parks and Recreation Department, we preserve, protect and grow parkland; manage, maintain, and renovate our facilities and spaces; and create places and programs for Austin's growing population to recreate or simply reflect. Austin Parks and Recreation offers a variety of sports, recreation, educational enrichment, adaptive programming, arts and cultural opportunities, adventure programming, and aquatic activities. The Department collaborates with community partners big and small to offer many recreational and outdoor opportunities.

Austin Parks and Recreation includes nearly 20,000 acres of green space, over 250 miles of trail, and more than 350 parks. In addition to parkland, we manage pools, splash pads and playgrounds; cultural centers and museums; historic parks and cemeteries; a nature center and a botanical garden; recreation and senior centers as well as sports amenities like golf courses; baseball, softball and soccer fields; and volleyball, basketball and tennis courts.  

Memorial Park Cemetery


As steward of the City of Austin’s public lands since 1928, we protect and maintain parkland, park facilities and urban forests. We preserve and restore natural resources and historic places, maintain trails, keep park spaces tidy and ready for patron enjoyment. The Department also buys parkland and coordinates parkland development. Park Rangers help to educate park goers on how to be good stewards of the parks system. 

We create a sense of community through our diverse programming, accessible public facilities, and open green areas where people can be active, relax and explore their interests. Mindful of the past, Austin Parks and Recreation is working towards a brighter future with a focus on achieving greater equitable outcomes for all program participants, facility users and park goers.