Stories Through Nature: Exploration

Written by Antonia; October 23, 2020

One of the most exciting aspects of leaving for college, for me, was the fact that I would have so many new areas to explore. So, of course, I used the free time I had to look around campus and find all of the hidden, interesting places, both indoors and outdoors. Luckily, I made a friend who was also rather adventurous and we’d plan days to go out and see if we could find something new. From a strange, deserted basement with a room full of puppets to an old cemetery surrounded by trees, we definitely found some interesting stuff. 

Although I wasn’t with my friend when I filmed this tree, we did find it together behind one of the dorms on one of our adventures. From where I sat on a hill near the tree, gazing up at it as it towered over me, I could hear grade-school students practicing soccer at the school across the street and the dozens of cars that passed by on the busy road below. 


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