Youth Forest Council: Nature is Always with Us

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Take a journey with Kylie via her StoryMap.

Nature has always been with me and has been a grounding resource for me. I can rely on it to make me feel better. I look for it everywhere, and that’s why this project has been important to me. I think everyone should have something in their life that they can rely on. Nature is an easy one. Even in concrete jungles, you will find a sprout of grass coming out of the sidewalk cracks. ~Kylie


Kylie is a recent graduate of the City’s Youth Forest Council (YFC). Each YFC member completes a Community Action Project as part of their year-long internship. For her CAP, Kylie wanted to document urban nature throughout her travels as a college student abroad. Taking root in Austin, TX, Kylie's love of nature and appreciation for trees has blossomed in various beloved parks and greenspaces as she traveled across the nation and to Spain and France. 

Kylie used ArcGIS to map her journey and an ArcGIS StoryMap to walk us through her first-hand accounts of the nature she encounters during her travels. Through the Nature is Always with Us StoryMap she invites us all to follow along.

Kylie in New York's Central Park

​Kylie is currently studying environmental policy at Syracuse University in New York. She aspires to be a shaping force of climate activism in the future. We're proud to be her starting point on what we know will be a long, sustainable journey. 

Blog post by Amelia DeVivo, Youth Forest Council Program Coordinator, Community Tree Preservation Division


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