Stories Through Nature: My First Red Leaf

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Written by Evelyn; August 13, 2020


Photo: Tall tree with red leaves at the University of Pennsylvania campus.





2019 had been my year. A year full of traveling, fun, and friends. But it was also a year full of work, effort, and grit. As I was standing outside the University of Pennsylvania on October 15, 2019, I saw a thousand red leaves in awe and, somehow, this tree had signified all of my effort to get there. It was proudly standing there, and its beautiful red color made it shine and stand out from all others. The fall season signified its time to rest, to let time do its thing. It was time for me too. My college application process was coming to an end. I picked up a leaf and carefully put it inside my agenda. It was a tiny triumph moment for me — knowing that I got to Philadelphia! I had gotten so far, literally. This red leaf signified how far I had come. And I later came to know it would mark my home for the next four years.  

Can you guess what type of tree this leaf comes from? Here is the answer.  





Drawing: Leaf with 4 Lobes; Text describes the leaf as Red/Brown, Having a Downy Underside, and Having 1 Petiole    Photograph: Red Leaf with 4 Lobes



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