The Circular Economy Program aims to make Austin the most vibrant circular economy in the United States; where materials are reused, repaired, shared and recycled to their fullest extent within the local economy. This program offers resources to both businesses and residents in order to help grow the local circular economy.

Get circular resources for businesses and nonprofits

What is a circular business? Circular businesses are ones that reduce their waste output by using recycled or reused materials during manufacturing, building products to last, offering a rental service over physical products and more. If your business is circular, we are here to help.

Learn about our programs 

  • [RE]verse Pitch
    Participate in our annual competition for business ideas using hard-to-recycle materials.
  • Business engagement visits
    Email us to schedule an appointment to meet. We meet one-on-one with circular economy business owners to learn about their needs and connect them to resources to help them grow.
  • Austin Materials Marketplace
    Exchange reusable materials with other businesses
  • Austin’s circular economy map
    Explore and add yourself to our interactive map of Austin businesses operating with circular economy principles.
  • The material of the year
    Our program focuses on different materials to study what is being wasted, why and opportunities to capture that material’s value locally.
    • The 2019-2020 material was business textiles. Learn about ideas we considered and tested during this project. See the map of the urban circular textile material flow.
  • Austin Reuse Directory
    Does your organization accept or sell used items or offer rental or repair services? Update or add your organization to our directory.
  • Circular Austin Showcase
    Local entrepreneurs pitch circular economy business ideas and meet with investors to start and/or grow their businesses.

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Get circular resources for individuals

Residents play an important part in Austin’s circular economy by supporting businesses that practice circularity, or thinking about everyday practices that could help reduce waste in Austin. Here’s how you can help. 

  • Shop zero waste
    Learn how our shopping habits can help support a local circular economy
  • Use the Austin Reuse Directory
    Find places to donate or buy used/upcycled items, and repair or rent items within Austin.
  • Get help repairing your broken items
    Attend a Fix-it Clinic to learn how to repair household items with the help of skilled coaches for free, or try your hand at repair with one of our other resources.
  • Learn about Austin’s Circular Economy
    Explore our interactive map of Austin businesses operating with circular economy principles.
  • Volunteer for MoveOutATX
    Help local university students donate household furniture, appliances, unopened food and other items to reuse organizations during move-out season.
The Circular Economy Program is a partnership between Austin Resource Recovery and the Economic Development Department.