A payment plan can only be offered only after a plea has been entered. Please contact the Municipal Court regarding this option.

If you are eligible, you may take a driving safety course or receive a deferred disposition. Certain conditions such has having a CDL, an allegation of traveling more than 25 miles over the posted speed limit, speeding in a work zone with workers present, and others may make you ineligible for a deferral. Please contact the Municipal Court to find out if you qualify.

The Municipal Court is located at 6800 Burleson Road, Building 310, Suite 175, Austin. The phone number is 512-974-4800. You may also find it helpful to visit the court’s website for additional information.

None of the lawyers with the City of Austin Law Department can provide legal advice to citizens. Our sole function is to prosecute people who violate criminal misdemeanor laws and to provide legal representation to the city, its agents, and employees.

A prosecutor evaluates each case and sends a subpoena to witnesses that are needed to testify during trial. Without your presence, the case may not be able to proceed. The date and trial location (courtroom number) will be printed on each subpoena as well as a phone number and an email address. It is important to call the listed phone number or send an email to the listed person as directed on the subpoena to confirm your appearance and ensure the trial has not been reset to another date.  You may contact the prosecutor’s office regarding your notice to appear in court at prosecutor@austintexas.gov.


You will need to make this request at the Municipal Court, 700 E. 7th Street, Austin. A copy of the complaint paperwork may be obtained from the Municipal Court website at www.austintexas.gov/court. You may fill out the paperwork before hand, but please do not sign it until you are at the court where a Deputy Clerk can witness your sworn statement.

You must make a written motion for discovery requesting all evidence and file it with the Municipal Court, either in person or via fax at (512) 974-4684.

The purpose of the Downtown Austin Community Court is to collaboratively address the quality of life issues of all residents in the downtown Austin community through the swift, creative sentencing of public order offenders. For more information you may visit the DACC website at www.austintexas.gov/department/community-court

You may contact the Austin Tenants’ Council,1640B East 2nd Street, Suite 150 Austin, TX 78702, (512) 474-1961, www.housing-rights.org.