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In 2015, Austin achieved the distinction of being the first (and only) city in the United States to receive a “City of Media Arts” designation from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and CulturalOrganization). The designation underscores Austin’s reputation as a trendsetting global city at the intersection of art, music, and digital technology, and an international hub for creative exchange.

CreateAustin is a community cultural plan - for and by Austin, Texas.

Creating the right conditions for, and engaging in, cultural tourism can bring new resources to the community. To help you get started, we have collected links to reports, toolkits, and associations related to the topic of cultural and heritage tourism.

The Cultural Arts Division is working towards implementing a comprehensive strategy for Cultural Tourism. Key strategies are outlined in this document. Stay tuned for additional information on this initiative.

Peruse videos showcasing the arts in Austin, and select programs from the Cultural Arts Division.



CAMP: The Cultural Asset Mapping Project is an initiative of the Cultural Arts Division of the Economic Development Department to map the places and resources that are important to Austin’s cultural identity and creativity.