No. The City ordinance does not limit the fees or interest that the payday lender or auto title lender can charge.

Contact the City of Austin at: CABCommunications or contact City staff at 512.974.2466.

Credit Access Businesses, more commonly known as payday and auto title lenders, operating within the City of Austin must follow certain requirements in how they structure their loans. To see a complete list of the requirements, please visit the Consumer Resources (link) page or see the whole ordinance.

The City of Austin will investigate complaints and will determine if a violation has occurred. If a business violates the ordinance the business may be given an opportunity to correct the noncompliance or the business may be required to pay a Municipal Court. Violations of the ordinance constitute a Class C Misdemeanor violation.

Businesses that offer payday loans and auto title loans.

The auto title loans and payday loans. A title loan is secured using a clear vehicle title. A payday loan is a cash advance that may be made in exchange for a personal check or authorization to debit a deposit account and the amount of the check or authorized debit, equals the amount of the advance plus a fee.