The Austin Transportation Department, Office of Special Events team oversees the use of the streets, sidewalks and alleys for athletic and sporting events, and creative events, such as festivals and cultural arts. The department provides a case manager for each event to interact and coordinate between all parties involved, enforces laws and regulations pertaining to the use of streets and sidewalks, creates traffic control plans and ensures mobility to attendees, residents, businesses and institutions.

The following link can be used to access a complete reference list of approved special events with street closures or through the home page. Visit the event links for maps of affected areas, alternative routes, street closures and contact information.

Contact Austin Transportation Department Special Events at or 512-974-6501



Guiding Documents:

Ordinance 14-8
Rules for Right of Way Closures

For information on the 2018 Municipal Special Events Summit on January 25 & 26 you can find it HERE.