The Austin Police Department’s Burglary Unit is one of the Divisions that investigates crimes against property.  The Burglary Unit is specifically tasked with the investigation of residential and non-residential/commercial burglaries inside the jurisdiction of the City of Austin. 

The Burglary Unit was recently centralized in an effort to improve the number of cases solved and the successful prosecution of offenders committing burglaries.

The APD Burglary Unit consists of:

  • 2 Sergeants
  • 14 Detectives
  • 1 Administrative Specialist
  • 1 Crime Analyst (who is shared with the Auto Theft Unit)

The Burglary Unit works with other units within the department, such as the APD District Representative Units, APD Pawn Unit and the Austin Regional Intelligence Center as well as other local agencies to identify suspects who commit crimes in adjoining jurisdictions.

Crime Prevention:

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Contact Information

The APD Burglary Unit Main Numbers are

Phone:  512-974-6941

Fax:       512-974-6944