The Land Development Code determines how land can be used throughout the city, including what can be built, where it can be built, and how much can (or cannot) be built. This information refers to the City's current Land Use Code. Visit Land Development Code Revision (Web) for more information about updating the City's land use code. 

Below are links to the existing City Code and Land Development Code, as well as proposals to amend Chapters 25-1 through 25-11, 25-13 and Title 30 of the City Code.

The Planning Commission and City Council may initiate changes to the Code. The focus may be on a single neighborhood, a corridor, an activity center, or on a more extensive area depending on community and citywide goals.

City Code Titles (1-30) of the Code of Ordinances (Web)

Land Development Code (Chapters 25-1 thru 25-13) (Web): Development regulations within the City's Planning/ Zoning jurisdiction.

Land Development Code- Austin/ Travis County Subdivision Regulations (Title 30) (Web): These regulations apply to the subdivision of land in the portion of the City of Austin's extraterritorial jurisdiction that is within Travis County, including the areas that the city has annexed for limited purposes.

Site Development Regulations (Chapter 25-2-492) (Web)

Zoning Permitted Use Chart (Chapter 25-2-491) (Web)

Proposed Code Amendments (Chapters 25-1 thru 25-11, and 25-13 of the Land Development Code, and Title 30 of the City Code)


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This is not a complete listing of all code amendments initiated by the City Council or Planning Commission. If you do not see a code amendment listed on this website, please contact Greg Dutton, Planning and Zoning Department (PAZ), (512) 974-3509. If you need additional information regarding the code amendments listed below, contact the listed staff member.

2014 - 2017 Proposed Code Amendments

  • C20-2017-003: Signs – Consider an ordinance amending the Land Development Code, Chapters 25-10 and 25-2, relating to the regulation of signs. ~ Staff Contact: Greg Dutton, PAZ, (512) 974-3509.

  • C20-2017-002: Sidewalks – Consider an amendment to Title 25 of the City Code related to sidewalk and urban trail construction and maintenance. ~ Staff Contact: Joel Meyer, ATD, (512) 974-1405.

  • C20-2017-001: Historic Majority – Consider an amendment to Title 25 of the City Code to change Historic Landmark Commission voting requirements such that a simple majority is required to recommend Historic Zoning over the objection of a property owner. ~ Staff Contact: Greg Dutton, PAZ, (512) 974-3509.

  • C20-2016-008: Barton Springs Zone Redevelopment Exception – onsider an amendment to Title 25 of the City Code to allow redevelopment in the BSZ if water quality is improved. ~ Staff Contact: Andrea Bates, WPD, (512) 974-2291.

  • C20-2014-030: Central Health – Consider an amendment to Title 25 of the City Code to create an overlay for the Central Health campus, located in the northeast quadrant of downtown. ~ Staff Contact: Jerry Rusthoven, PAZ, (512) 974-3207.

Adopted Code Amendments of Interest (2013-2017) (PDF)