The Community Registry is a database of self-registered neighborhood associations and other community organizations, maintained by the City of Austin Neighborhood Assistance Center in the Development Services Department. The Community Registry is an important communication tool for neighborhoods and other development-interested groups to be notified of land use issues relating to their area. Organizations registered in the Community Registry are encouraged to update their record at least once every two years.

Before you register:

  • Decide who in your group will receive communications and notifications from the city (this will be your primary contact)
  • Define the boundaries of your association's area of representation (it must be an enclosed area).

Community Registry Data Online

Non-confidential data from the Community Registry is available on the Austin Data Portal as a service to the community. Putting public Community Registry data online allows it to be easily accessed by community members, students, mobile application developers and others. The registry linked below, containing Community Registry names, group-provided membership counts, and primary contact information, was created with data available on the Open Data Portal: