The City of Austin Public Works Engineering Services Division (ESD) provides engineering and design services for Capital Project Delivery projects. ESD manages the development and delivery for Public Works CAD Delivery standards.

CAD Resources

We use the 2018 version of AutoCAD products. However, we don't discourage the use of 2019 or higher version of AutoCAD products keeping in mind the issues in compatibility of Civil 3D objects and any software related issues that tend to happen with newer release versions. That being said, the desired delivery version is 2018. However, if a different version is chosen, then the chosen version shall be maintained throughout the life cycle of the project.

Any contracts will have the requirements to use the 2016 Autodesk software as a minimum. Any existing contracts will not change, leaving the consultant the choice of upgrading the content to the 2018 version. As a note of caution, the Civil 3D objects are not compatible in between 2017 and older versions, while the 2018 version pushes both Civil 3D objects and legacy AutoCAD objects to non-compatiblity with releases before the 2018 release.

These support files and documentation were put together in an effort to provide as much upfront assistance to the users. Since there are many ways the software can be configured, we tried to keep everything as simple as possible. If you have any problems, questions or suggestions regarding these files, or our CAD standards, please contact the PWD CAD Support team at



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