The Forensic Science Department is a nationally accredited laboratory established to provide quality forensic services to the City of Austin. The Forensic Science Department was created by the City to provide an additional layer of independence, technical oversight, and autonomy over forensic services.

The Forensic Science Department collects and processes evidence at crime scenes, conducts examinations and analyses of evidence within state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and reports and testifies to the results in court. 

Our Vision

To be a trusted forensic laboratory known for technically defensible, unbiased, and high quality services to our Community.

Our Mission

To provide accurate and impartial scientific analysis and support services to the criminal justice system while maintaining the highest level of quality and professionalism.

forensics science lab

Accredited disciplines of Crime Scene, Latent Prints, Firearms & Toolmarks, Toxicology and Seized Drugs process evidence and conduct forensic examinations within our state of the art laboratory facilities in east Austin.


dana kadavy headshotThe Forensic Science Department is led by Dr. Dana Kadavy, who brings 20 years of forensic and quality assurance experience coupled with a strong scientific foundation in applied research to the City. 

Dr. Kadavy began the role as Department Director effective October 1st, 2022. Dr. Kadavy has worked with the City since November 2018, leading forensic operations within the Austin Police Department Forensic Science Bureau. Prior to this, Dr. Kadavy served as the Director of Biological Sciences at a private laboratory, where she led research and development programs and stood up and directed an accredited DNA laboratory.

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Recent News

The Forensic Science Department celebrates its 50th anniversary.  See the article and video.