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Housing and Displacement Prevention

Affordable Housing Online Search Tool (AHOST)

Looking for affordable rental housing in the City of Austin?  Search the Affordable Housing Online Search Tool (AHOST) by entering in your household income and household size to view affordable rental properties.

Architectural Barrier Removal

Architectural barriers are physical elements of a home that can make it difficult to easily enter, leave or move around your home. Eligible homeowners and renters can receive up to $15,000 for improvements.

Austin Is My Home

Austin is uniquely Austin because of the people who live here. Learn and apply for resources to help with financial stress, predatory investors and upgrades for your home to help you age in place.

Austin Mortgage Assistance Program (ATXMA)

The City of Austin Mortgage Assistance (ATXMA) can help pay for up to 6 total months of mortgage payments incurred between March 1, 2020 through the present. The Program covers past due payments, late fees, and 1 month of future payments and is for eligible homeowners while funds are available. Mortgage and income limit restrictions apply. 

COVID-19 Help

COVID has been a challenge for everyone, and many of Austin’s families have been impacted. If you are financially struggling there are resources to help.

Displacement Prevention

Our Displacement Prevention Division is tasked with developing and leading programming and outreach to prevent the displacement of vulnerable communities, which will include $300 million over 13 years in anti-displacement funding approved by voters in November 2020 as part of Project Connect Proposition A.


GO REPAIR! addresses substandard housing conditions to make safe and barrier-free homes for Austinites. Low-income families struggling to make required home repairs may be eligible. Grants are up to $20,000 to fix structural issues for homeowners.

Homebuyer Education & Assistance

The Housing & Planning Department manages programs and partnerships to help Austinites looking to buy a home.

Home Rehabilitation Loan Program

The Home Rehabilitation Loan Program helps homeowners finance home repairs to bring homes up to code. Austinites earning a low income and without the funds to make required home repairs may be eligible. The 0% interest repair loans range from $15,000 to $75,000.

Homes for Sale

Interested in buying an affordable home? See a listing of the current City of Austin Homes for Sale by both the city and developers under the City's Developer Incentive Program. Check them out and see if you qualify.

Minor Home Repair Grants

Austinites whose homes present health or safety hazards may need financial assistance.  This program helps eligible homeowners to make critical and necessary repairs. Minor Home Repair Grants are up to $5,000 per home.