Diversity is what we support...inclusion is what we do.

Valuing Differences and Managing Diversity at the City of Austin

The City of Austin has a commitment to enhance work opportunities for all employees and to become the employer of choice. The City firmly embraces the concept of valuing differences and managing diversity.

The City will actively train, promote, accommodate, recruit and reward talented men and women of diverse races, religions, cultures and lifestyles.

Diversity can be defined as distinct qualities and differences. The qualities that make each of us unique are passed down as cultural knowledge to succeeding generations. Valuing such differences calls for a level of sensitivity sufficient to understand the dynamics of culture. Traditions and patterns of behavior that encompass thought, speech and action are all part of our cultural heritage. Understanding and accepting the concept of various cultures working in harmony will enable us all to enjoy the reality of diversity and become the best managed city in the nation.

Diversity is best understood by defining several approaches to equity and fairness in the workplace. Changing demographics have required organizations to examine the workforce of the coming millennium. City employees are committed to appealing to the ever-changing demographics of Austin, community engagement, responsibility and accountability embodied in being a public servant. Employees carry out those roles with great thought to ethics and integrity and innovation and sustainability.


By valuing culturally diverse individuals and developing a positive work environment, the organization can ensure a high level of productivity while preserving the best that each of us has to offer.


Our philosophy states that “we carry out our responsibilities with the highest standards of ethics, fairness and accountability.” Managing diversity and valuing differences are cornerstones of those standards.

The City of Austin is dedicated to elevating the commitment to diversity by implementing a citywide initiative to enhance our skills in cultural competency and supporting an inclusive work environment.


The City of Austin's first Diversity Symposium was held on Jan. 30, 2013. The event can be watched here (2 1/2 hours).

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