The City of Austin encourages residents, community organizations, and businesses to support all active Armed Forces personnel and Veterans. The following opportunities are available to connect you to local residents serving in the Military, their families, Americans deployed in the war zone(s), and Veterans who have made personal sacrifices for our freedoms.

If you know of City of Austin employees deployed at this time or returning home, have ideas or information to add to the website, or have a question about the programs listed below, please contact the City's Veterans Consultant.

City Council Recognition

The City Council will present a Commendation during a regular public meeting to resident military personnel returning from a tour of duty in Iraq. Family and friends will be encouraged to participate in the ceremony.

Military Support Group

Organized in 2008, the group provides on-going support for City of Austin employees serving in our military as well as their families. It facilitates supportive services through a volunteer network comprised of City employees and local residents. Every military service member should be supported before they deploy, while they're gone and when they return.

City of Austin First Responders

Austin Fire Department, Austin Police Department and Austin Travis County Emergency Medical Services appreciates our Military Veterans and members of the Guard and Reserves.  We provided a summary for our service members who are interested in joining one the City's First Responders Departments and where they could find more information for Fire, Police and EMS.