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Over the years the City of Austin has come to rely more heavily on information technology for the operation of municipal government, especially when finding new, efficient, and resourceful ways to achieve more with less and making government more accessible and responsive to the public.

Today there is a strong sense of collaboration and consensus among our IT leaders and regional partners as we remain focused on the City’s IT strategic direction and paving the way for future innovative solutions for the most livable city in the nation.

Supporting the City of Austin’s mission, our IT Governance framework establishes a transparent, informed, and effective decision-making process for managing the demand and supply of best-managed IT services while encouraging sponsor and stakeholder engagement.  Our key IT strategy is to lower the cost of services by leveraging inter-organizational collaboration and efficiencies. Savings are reinvested into innovation.

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Image of four gold-standard IT industry awards logos: Best of the Web, Best of Texas, DGAA, and Digital Cities Survey

  • 2013 DGAA Award — First place, City Portal category
  • 2013 Digital Cities Survey — Sixth place, population 250,000 or more category
  • 2012 Best of Texas Award — Ranked fifth in the City Portal category