Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a common sense approach to managing pests. Landscapes are monitored regularly, problems properly identified, severity considered, control options evaluated; and then, selected least-toxic control(s) are implemented

Main IPM Messages

  • Accurately diagnose problems before considering any treatment
  • Use least-toxic solutions when addressing landscape problems
  • Don’t apply fertilizer or pesticides before a rain
  • Don’t kill every bug – 95% of insects are not pests
  • Use pesticides as a last resort
  • Always read and follow pesticide label instructions
  • Encourage beneficial insects
  • If you follow Grow Green practices you already practice IPM!


Learn more about common Austin pests and how to treat them.

Pest prevention and remedy options include:

  • Cultural - plant native and well-adapted, pest-resistant plant varieties, and keep them healthy
  • Diagnostic - properly identify the problem
  • Mechanical – hand remove insects, use water blasts,  traps, and/or barriers
  • Biological - recognize, encourage and/or introduce beneficial predators in your landscape
  • Chemical – if you must use a pesticide use the least toxic product first; always read and follow label directions

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Additional Contacts

  • Developers and City Staff, John Clement 512-974-1475
  • Grow Green - Home Gardeners and Landscape Professionals, Denise Delaney 512-974-2581