Pease Splash Pad

1100 Kingsbury St., Austin, TX. 78703


Kingsbury Commons

In partnership with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department, Pease Park Conservancy will be operating, maintaining and programming Kingsbury Commons area within Pease District Park.

Park & Amenities
Kingsbury Commons is the southernmost seven acres of Pease District Park where most of the infrastructure of the park, including restrooms and playground equipment, has existed. New amenities include state-of-the-art play equipment, improved restrooms, a new basketball court, a new interactive water feature, an outdoor amphitheater, and a one-of-a-kind treehouse observation pod. The project also includes restoration of the historic Tudor Cottage as a small event, reception, or gathering space.  

Getting to Kingsbury Commons
Pease District Park offers the quintessential “urban park” experience. Parking is extremely limited, so all visitors are urged to consider a fully immersive experience by opting to get to the park on foot, by bike, or through public transportation. For more information on public transportation, trail access, and car parking, please visit

Amenities for Reservation
Certain amenities within Kingsbury Commons are available for reservation on a limited basis. For information on reserving the Tudor Cottage, Tudor Terrace, Picnic Tables, Outdoor Plaza/Amphitheater, Treehouse Observation Pod, Big Field, or Basketball Court, please visit

Contact Info
In partnership with Austin Parks & Recreation Department, Kingsbury Commons is operated and maintained by Pease Park Conservancy. Contact them at

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