The Quality Assurance Division strives to assist human resource professionals working for the City of Austin in maintaining a desired level of quality and consistency in the delivery of human resources services.

The Quality Assurance Division is committed to working effectively and collaboratively with all other City Departments and Offices to assure the quality and consistency of human resources (HR) service delivery across the City and adherence to the City’s HR policies, procedures, rules, and guidelines.

Customer Focus

It is the City of Austin’s goal is to have a city government that works effectively and collaboratively for all - that it is equitable, ethical and innovative.  The Quality Assurance (QA) Division strives to support the achievement of that goal by ensuring the consistency and quality of services provided by human resource professionals.  This is done, in part, with the constant review of procedure and process related concerns in a timely and professional manner for both our internal and external customers.  In addition, QA is also responsible for continuously improving the effectiveness of human resource systems throughout organization.

Division Policy

QA is committed to setting high standards of performance by continually auditing policies, procedures, and processes in a systematic and integrated way.  These standards are based on the principle of continuous improvement, which promotes reduction in costs by minimizing waste and errors while increasing productivity.

  • Support all efforts to provide products and services that meet or exceed the needs of QA customers (internal and external)

  • Work with all levels of the organization to continually improve our procedures and processes.

  • Establish and regularly review Quality Objectives throughout the organization.

  • Foster long-term relationships with our internal and external customers and suppliers, since they are all crucial to the success of our organization.

  • Facilitate teamwork and participation with departments and QA to improve the quality of our services, communications, problem-solving, systems, procedures, and processes.

  • Train employees to fully understand and comply with established and approved procedures and systems.