During the 2015 Memorial Day rain event and flooding, the concrete bridge at Country Club Creek sustained major structural damage and collapsed when the concrete footings supporting the bridge sections were undermined by flood waters surging downstream through the channel. The City has begun contract negotiations for evaluation and design services for a replacement bridge.

Fence prohibiting entrance to the current state of the bridge.


The Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) is working closely with the Watershed Protection Department, (WPD), Public Works Department, (PWD) and the Austin Water utility, (AWU) to provide a permanent solution to stabilize the channel embankments, arrest the erosion and replace the lost infrastructure to restore connectivity through the park. While this long-term solution is being developed, smaller interim projects have been completed to temporarily protect existing parkland, infrastructure and private property upstream. These temporary measures included the use of large boulders for armoring areas that were being severely scoured by erosive forces at two separate locations along the channel. Another small project removed and stored an existing metal-truss pedestrian bridge that was vulnerable to loss along the heavily scoured cut-bank of the channel just east of Krieg Softball Fields #10 and #11. PARD has also worked with PWD, WPD and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to successfully secure a substantial financial assistance award which will help fund the large permanent channel stabilization and bridge replacement project.  This project is now in the design phase with the Watershed Protection Department leading the effort.


Notice to Proceed issued                               6/5/2017

30% Design completed                                  1/8/2018

60% Design completed                                  3/12/2018

90% Design completed                                  6/4/2018

100% Design completed                                7/30/2018

Site Plan Permit received                               1/14/2019

Issued for Bid                                                    2/11/2019

Construction Start - Notice to Proceed         5/6/2019

Construction End                                              Fall, 2020


The Channel Design requires additional 3D modeling of the creek flow and geotechnical reporting to detail the depth to bedrock (depth varies widely).  This work is to be complete August 2018.  The Channel/Bridge Design Phase is projected to be complete September 2019.


5/3/2017         Design Commission Review

6/17/2017       Austin Ridge Riders Meeting


Fred Fuller, PARD Project Manager, 512-974-9514

Jules Parrish, PW Project Manager, 512-974-9385