Over 25 years, Austin transformed nearly 90 acres of industrial land in southwest downtown into a vibrant, urban neighborhood.

Seeing the success of the 2nd Street District, community and City leaders continued downtown revitalization by focusing on the City’s largely obsolete infrastructure sites, including an electrical power plant and substation, a pole laydown yard, a water treatment plant, and an electrical control center. The Seaholm vision plan, released in 2001, spurred the City of Austin to partner competitively with the private sector to create a walkable destination where people could live, work, and play. Seaholm District’s 2022 assessed value was more than $2 billion.




  • Sustainability. All buildings certified under Austin Energy Building Program (AEGBP) and/or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Many participate in Austin Energy District Cooling Program ( "chilled water"). Seaholm was designated an EcoDistrict in 2017.
  • Affordable Housing. Northshore includes 50 apartments at below market rents through 2057; Gables West Ave provided 12 affordable units until 2015. Gables Park Plaza ($200,000), Austin Proper ($1M) and The Independent ($2.5M) contributed to the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) to create/preserve affordability citywide.  City Council also pledges a portion of its Seaholm District property taxes to the AHTF.
  • Local Jobs. In 2022, Seaholm hosted more than 5,000 jobs and met or exceeded the requirement to lease 30% of space to locally owned retailers.
  • Open Space and Trails. Parkland, plaza & lawn allow for public gatherings; new sidewalks & trails support increased connectivity and mobility.
  • Art & Music.  almost $1.5M donated to public art & music and eleven new pieces added to Art in Public Places collection.




Former Pole Yard / Private tract / Parkland & Right of Way

  • Gables West Ave (2000) has apartments, retail and office.
  • Gables Park Plaza (2009) has apartments, retail and office, certified LEED BD+C and 2.2.
  • Sand Beach Park (2009) and Pfluger Bridge Extension (2011)
  • Gables Park Tower (2013) has apartments, retail and office, certified LEED Silver & AEGBP 4-star.


Former Seaholm Power Plant & Intake Facility

  • Seaholm (2015) is office and retail, certified LEED Gold.
  • Seaholm Power Plant (2015) is office and  retail, certified LEED Gold.
  • Seaholm Residences (2016) is condominiums, retail and office, certified AEGBP 4-star.
  • All connected by a plaza and lawn totaling nearly 82,000 sf and an underground parking garage.
  • Seaholm Intake Facility (2022-Phase 1) on Lady Bird Lake is a parks facility open for small groups.


Former Energy Control Center & Electric Substation

  • Central Library (2017) is civic and retail, certified LEED Platinum.
  • The Independent (2019) is condominiums and retail, certified LEED Gold.


Former Thomas Green Water Treatment Plant

  • Northshore/Block 1 (2016) is apartments and retail, certified LEED Silver and AEGBP 2-star.
  • 500 West 2nd / Block 23 (2017) is office and retail, certified LEED Gold and AEGBP 2-star.
  • Austin Proper / Block 188 (2020) is hotel, condominiums and retail, certified LEED Gold and AEGBP 2-star.
  • 600 West Cesar Chavez / Block 185 (2023) is office and retail, seeking LEED Gold and AEGBP 2-star certifications.


Major Infrastructure

  • 2nd Street expansion between San Antonio and West Ave, including Butterfly Bridge (2015)
  • Austin Energy District Chiller Plant #3 (2018)
  • Lower Shoal Creek trail improvements (2018)