AFD is responsible for conducting annual inspections of multi-family residential and commercial occupancies, and inspections of licensed facilities.

Annual Maintenance Inspections

There are a number of occupancies within the City of Austin that receive regular fire and life-safety inspections. General ocupancies, such as banks, business offices, and retail spaces receive an annual inspection of common fire and life-safety hazards. The department also ensures that all fire protection systems within structures (sprinklers, alarms, elevators, etc.) in the City receive an annual inspection by an independent third-party contractor (this is a state requirement enforced by local municipalities).

Adoption and Foster Home Inspections

To schedule an inspection for an adoption or foster home, please submit your request here:

-Foster and Adoption Home Inspection Online Request Form-

State Licensed Facility Inspections

Some occupancies, such as day cares, health care and institutional occupancies, and schools, require a more specific inspection.

Submit your request here and you will be contacted by our office:

-Facility Licensure and Maintenance Inspections Online Request Form-

Multi-Family Residential

The AFD inspects all multi-family residential occupancies within the City, including fraternity and sorority houses. Due to the unique risks posed by multi-family residential structures, AFD has made them a priority for regular fire and life-safety inspections. These inspections are done by firefighting crews during their shifts and are often referred to as "in-service inspections" within the department. AFD conducts more than 12,000 fire and life safety inspections of targeted properties a year.