Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park Golf Course proposal documents:

The Decker Lake Golf, LLC proposal provides complete financing, development and operations of two world-class environmentally sensitive golf courses, as well as construction of a club house with meeting space and other park amenities. The proposal also includes a community short-course learning center focused on youth programming and includes new trails for connectivity. 

The Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park proposal aligns with the Imagine Austin Vision by stimulating economic development in the eastern section of Travis County through job creation, commercial investment, and tourism. The proposal will offer public access to a world class golf venue suitable for hosting major golf events. Given the proximity of the proposed course to State Highway 130 and the airport, the development offers a unique opportunity to host some of the largest golf events in the country.


In 1968, the City of Austin created a Proposed Development Plan for the Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park that designated 735 acres of the eastern portion of the parkland for the development of a future golf course. The plan continued to include the development of a golf course on the property after updates and revisions were made in 1978. The Parks and Recreation Department published a Long Range Plan for land, facilities and programs in 2010, recommending Phase II development for Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park.


Community Outreach Meeting May 6, 2014
Pre-Solicitation Meeting May 13, 2014
RFQS TVN0102 Release May 19, 2014
RFQS TVN0102 Closing July 8, 2014
Presentation to Parks Board September 23, 2014
Presentation to City Council October 16, 2014
City Council Meeting October 23, 2014
Community Outreach Meeting November 17, 2014
City Council Meeting November 20, 2014