The goal of the Water Quality Compliance Program is to prevent or minimize polluting discharges to Austin's creeks and lakes through the Spills and Complaints Response and Stormwater Discharge Permit programs.

24 Hour Pollution Hotline

Call 512-974-2550

Program staff responds to hazardous and non-hazardous material spills as well as citizen pollution complaints within the Austin City limits, the extra-territorial jurisdictions, and within the City’s water supply watersheds. Program investigators respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week to calls received through the Pollution Hotline.

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Staff are pro-active in preventing pollution by doing targeted community outreach and producing educational print pieces.

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Public Awareness Programs

Coal Tar Ban

On November 17, 2005 the City of Austin's City Council voted unanimously to ban the sale and use of coal tar containing pavement sealants in the city and its ETJ (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction). Learn more about coal tar.

Closed Landfills

There are many closed or abandoned landfills in the Austin area. Many operated before landfills were regulated, and may pose environmental or safety risks. Their boundaries are often unknown or poorly defined. Learn more.

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