The Watershed Protection Strategic Plan is the guiding blueprint for our department. The Strategic Plan helps us understand and address existing flooding, erosion, and water quality problems. It helps us prepare for future challenges. 

Get Involved: Rain to River

Watershed Protection is preparing to update its strategic plan. The initiative is called Rain to River: A Strategic Plan to Protect Austin's Creeks and Communities. There will be lots of opportunities for community input. For news and opportunities to get involved, visit our Rain to River website.

Existing Watershed Protection Master Plan

Please note: The Watershed Protection Strategic Plan was formerly called the Watershed Protection Master Plan. We are eliminating the use of the term “master plan” because it brings to mind Austin’s 1928 Master Plan, which segregated our city along racial lines and brought lasting harm to Austin’s communities of color. 

Watershed Protection Master Plan, 2016 update

Download the Watershed Protection Master Plan, 2016 update.