The Watershed Protection Strategic Plan is the guiding blueprint for our department. The Strategic Plan helps us understand and address existing flooding, erosion, and water quality problems. It helps us prepare for future challenges. 

Watershed Protection is preparing to update its strategic plan. There will be lots of opportunities for community input. For news and opportunities to get involved, sign up for our contact list.

How does the Strategic Plan guide our work? 

  • The plan sets goals and objectives for the department to guide our operations.
  • The plan creates a way to measure and prioritize flooding, erosion, and water quality problems in our city. Check out the Watershed Protection Strategic Plan Problem Score Viewer to explore these problem rankings.
  • The plan describes solutions to watershed problems and drives how, when, and where we implement solutions to achieve our goals. Solutions include projects, programs, and regulations.  

Why are we updating the Strategic Plan? 

  • The Strategic Plan was first adopted over 20 years ago and is due for a major update.
  • The existing plan does not address major challenges like climate change, population growth, and racial inequities. We must develop new and innovative approaches to tackle these complex issues for Austin to thrive.
  • Previous planning efforts did not explicitly prioritize engaging people of color, low-income communities, and other groups statistically more likely to experience negative quality of life outcomes in Austin. This update hopes to gather input from the full diversity of Austin’s residents to develop a Strategic Plan that reflects the values and priorities of all Austinites.

How can I participate in the Strategic Plan update? 

  • There will be lots of different ways for you to get involved in this effort over the coming months — we hope you do!
  • If you’d like to stay in the loop about the Watershed Protection Strategic Plan update, sign up for our contact list.

Existing Watershed Protection Master Plan

Watershed Protection Master Plan, 2016 update

Download the Watershed Protection Master Plan, 2016 update.

Please note: The Watershed Protection Strategic Plan was formerly called the Watershed Protection Master Plan. We are eliminating the use of the term “master plan” because it brings to mind Austin’s 1928 Master Plan, which segregated our city along racial lines and brought lasting harm to Austin’s communities of color.