Austin Municipal Court is now able to provide virtual court hearings.

1. You must have an electronic device that is compatible with Zoom.

iPhone, Android, tablets, laptops, and home computers with video capability should be compatible. Run a test via the Zoom platform. If you are having issues, consult the Zoom Help Center.

2. Request an online court appearance

Request an online court appearance for a juvenile

Please note that all court settings are open to the public. Our virtual dockets will be broadcast live on our Youtube channels for adult dockets and juvenile dockets.

3. Prepare for an online Municipal Court hearing

This webpage will guide you through how to prepare and what to expect at your online hearing.


Things you can do in a virtual hearing:

  • Request extensions, payment plans, community service, jail credit or other relief due to hardships. Get help with financial forms.
  • Provide proof of compliance such as insurance coverage, driver’s license, registration and completion of court ordered classes.
  • Request a trial by a judge or jury when the court reopens.
  • Discuss plea bargains and deferrals with a prosecutor.

Parking hearings

Hearings for parking tickets are different than appearance dockets.

Request an online hearing for a parking ticket