Austin City Code (Chapter 12-5) allows the City of Austin to issue permits to commercial delivery vehicles creating efficient parking options for the delivery of goods and merchandise to the Downtown area, while balancing the mobility needs of major arterial roadways. 

Commercial Vehicle Loading Quick Facts

  • When 2 or more travel lanes in one direction are available delivery vehicles with permits can use a curb-side travel lane to conduct loading or unloading activity.
  • Permits can be used at metered parking spaces to conduct loading or unloading activity for the duration of the permit time limit.
  • Established 30 minute commercial zones are still free to use without a permit for up to 30 minutes.
  • All State of Texas and City of Austin parking laws still apply. Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed appropriately.
  • Some major arterial streets have restrictions or prohibitions on delivery activities from a travel lane. See map of restricted travel lane usage for more detail. 
  • Blocking or stopping in bike lanes, transit priority lanes, or a travel lane on a street with a single lane in each direction for the purpose of delivery vehicle loading/unloading is prohibited at all times. Violators will be cited.
  • Usage of Cesar Chavez Street, Congress Avenue and Lamar Boulevard for the purpose of commercial loading/unloading is prohibited at all times. Violators will be cited.
  • Make sure to always properly display your Commercial Vehicle Loading Permit. 

Helpful Links

Commercial Vehicle Loading Zone Ordinance (amended Feb. 12, 2015)

Map of the Downtown Area Project Coordination Zone (DAPCZ)
The DAPCZ is the area in which a Commercial Vehicle Loading Permit can be used, subject to certain restrictions on specified streets

Map of restricted travel lanes per street

List of permit fees and violations

How to Apply

Completed applications can be sent to A prompt reply with a quote and next-steps will sent once the application is processed. Please review the application packet for specific guidelines on how to apply and make sure to follow all steps before submitting your application.

Commercial Vehicle Loading Zone Application Packet [NOTE: To submit this form, please download and save the application packet to your computer. Fill out the form on your computer and submit electronically. Most PDF viewers should provide a "submit form" button.]


For additional information or questions about the program, please call the Parking Operations Division at (512) 974-1563.