The City of Austin enforces on-street parking rules and regulations to enhance safety and access to available parking for all users. The Austin Transportation Department's Parking Enforcement officers and Austin Police Department officers, and in some cases trained volunteers, are authorized to enforce parking regulations within the City of Austin right-of-way.  The Austin Transportation Department does not tow vehicles.

Parking Regulations

Be sure to always read posted signage for information on parking regulations and enforcement.

Back-in Angle Parking Spaces

Some areas of Austin have back-in angle parking. It is illegal to pull into a back-in angle parking space with the front tires of the vehicle to the curb. Back-in angle parking makes it easier for users to load their vehicles, and it increases visibility of oncoming traffic and cyclists by allowing drivers to look ahead when pulling out of a space instead of reversing into traffic.

Watch a video about back-in angle parking in Austin.

Parking Tickets

Parking citations are issued for violations of State of Texas and City of Austin parking laws and regulations. If your citation was issued by an employee or volunteer with the City of Austin, please see the Austin Municipal Court website for information on how to handle your citation. Otherwise, your parking citation will have contact information, likely found on the back of the ticket.

Get Home Safe Ticket Waiver Program

If you left your vehicle overnight at a City of Austin parking meter to seek a responsible ride home and received a parking ticket, you are eligible to have the parking ticket waived from Austin Transportation. 

To participate in this program, fill out the online Get Home Safe Ticket Waiver Form within the next business day after receiving the parking ticket. You will need to upload to the form a copy of your parking ticket and a copy of your proof of responsible ride (such as a taxi, bus, or ride-hailing) receipt with time and date.

Volunteer with the Accessible Parking Enforcement Program

Through the Accessible Parking Enforcement Program, volunteers will help ensure accessible parking is available for those who need to legally use accessible parking spaces. Austin Transportation Department, in partnership with the Austin Police Department, provides the opportunity for volunteers to assist in addressing illegally parked vehicles in designated accessible parking spaces.