About Parking Tickets

Tickets for parking in Austin are civil offenses as opposed to criminal cases with the exception of disabled parking violations.  See General Case Information, criminal cases.  If you are issued a parking ticket, you must either pay or contest the citation by the appearance date located on the ticket.  After that date, you will no longer have the option to contest the case and a higher (Standard) amount must be paid.

Making Payments

To take advantage of the Early Payment option, you must submit payment on or before the appearance date located on the citation.  If you mail your citation to the Court, the postmark date on the envelope is used to determine whether your payment was timely or delinquent.  See Ways to Pay for more information.

Contesting the Ticket

To contest a parking ticket (non- disabled violation), you must appear in person on or before the appearance date shown on the front of the ticket at the Downtown location between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  A Hearing Officer will hear your case as soon as possible.  If you cannot appear in person for a reason, you may request a hearing by mail or phone.  The request must be in writing, state the reason you cannot appear, the reason you do not think you violated the parking law (optional), sign the request and send it to the Court no later than the appearance date on your ticket.

Request for Extension

If you cannot pay your complete fine with one payment, you must request an extension to pay.  The request must be in writing, the reason for extension stated, and signed on or before the appearance date on your ticket.  A Hearing Officer will respond to your request so be sure to provide a valid return address.

Partial or Late Payments

If you pay less than the total amount due, the Court will post the payment; however, you must pay the remainder of the amount by the appearance on your ticket to avoid the fine increasing from the Early Amount to the Standard Amount.  Partial payments will not cancel a boot or tow order.

Not Your Vehicle / Sold Vehicle at time of Violation

If you no longer own the vehicle, please complete the Affidavit of Non-Ownership and provide the necessary information for the Court to contact the new owner.  If you have a transfer of title as proof that you no longer own the vehicle, the transfer of title should include the name and address of the new owner and the date the vehicle was sold or transferred.  You will continue to receive notices if additional tickets are received as long as the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles shows the title in your name.

Failure to Pay

The following will occur if the fine is not paid or the case contested by the appearance date on the ticket:
1. The fine will increase to the Standard Amount.
2. The vehicle will be subjected to booting (vehicle held in place by a restraining device) and/or towing at the owner’s expense.
3. The case will be turned over to a collection agency and a 30% fee added.

Once a vehicle is booted or towed, you must come to the Court and pay the entire amount due to get the vehicle released.