Upcoming Events  

Image of presenter Kristin Henn and the text 'Improv for Building a Resilient Mindset'

Improv for Building a Resilient Mindset: Navigating Tension and Uncertainty Through Collaboration and Support 

Tuesday, December 5, 2023, 
6:30 – 8pm

Though known best as a form of entertainment, Improv Comedy provides ideas and concrete tools that help us adapt to the unexpected, building resiliency, and finding what serves us best in the moment. This workshop led by Kristin Henn utilizes improv exercises to help us navigate tension & uncertainty through collaboration and support. Lighthearted, and fun, we promise a lot of laughter along the way.

This event is free! Registration is encouraged, but not required. Register online on Eventbrite.


3 images of artwork from the exhibitions. 1. Painting of a desert landscape 2. A close up painting of a plant 3. A painting of abstracted light

Artist Reception for "Senderos del desierto II", "Finding Wholeness", and "Colored Sensations: A Synesthete’s Vision of Letters, Numbers & Time"

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 

Join us at the Julia C. Butridge Gallery for the Artist Reception for "Senderos del desierto II" by Salvador Rodriguez, "Finding Wholeness" by Alex Abbott, and "Colored Sensations: A Synesthete’s Vision of Letters, Numbers & Time" by Jenny Swannack. 

Learn more about these exhibits at the Julia C. Butridge Gallery webpage.


Art In Cahoots A Pop-Up Arts Experience for Caregiver & Child For Ages 2.5 to 5.

Art in Cahoots

A Pop-Up Arts Experience for Caregiver & Child
Friday, December 8, 2023

Art in Cahoots is a free one-hour event designed for prekindergarten-age students with an accompanying adult caregiver. Each will include sensory, multi-disciplinary, process-based arts activities for children and caregivers to experience together.

Spots are limited. Registration on Eventbrite is recommended in advance to reserve your space. 

Register online on Eventbrite.

Drop-ins may be accepted at time of the event if vacancies are available. Children must be 2½ years of age (30 months) to attend.


Glass Half Full Theatre & Trouble Puppet Theatre Present: The 14th Annual Austin Puppet Incident

Glass Half Full Theatre  and Trouble Puppet Theater Company present The Austin Puppet Incident

Friday, December 8- Saturday December 9, 2023 

Tickets range from $15-$45. Purchase your ticket at humanatix.

The Austin Puppet Incident is an annual event of puppetry for adult audiences. Local artists work in collaboration to create short pieces using a variety of puppetry techniques including shadow, hand and rod, tabletop, object and physical theater. A showcase of naughty, heartbreaking, harrowing, hilarious and always original stories through the medium of animated objects. The Austin Puppet Incident is a joint creation of Glass Half Full Theatre and Trouble Puppet Theater Company and is funded in part by the Puppet Slam Network and the City of Austin Cultural Arts Department. 


3 images of artwork from the exhibitions. 1. Painting of a desert landscape 2. A close up painting of a plant 3. A painting of abstracted light

Artist Talk: Salvador Rodriguez, Alex Abbott, and Jenny Swannack

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Learn firsthand the processes, inspiration, and techniques of artists Salvador Rodriguez, Alex Abbott, and Jenny Swannack.

Learn more about these artists and their exhibit's on display at the Julia C. Butridge Gallery webpage.


Dougherty Story Hour Saturday, December 16 11AM - 12PM

Dougherty Story Hour 

Saturday, December 16, 2023

The Dougherty Story Hour is an inclusive story time with books selected to engage young artists! Stories will be read by Dougherty Arts Center staff and volunteers, selected from the Dougherty Arts Center’s school collections and the City of Austin Public Library.

On Saturday, December 16, 2023 from 11am-12pm, we’ll be exploring the books “Frederick”, “The Shortest Day” and “The Insomniacs.”

Registration is encouraged but not required. Register online on Eventbrite.


Garden Volunteer Day

Garden Volunteer Day

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Calling all gardeners, new and old!  Come out and help the Dougherty Arts Center expand our raised gardens.  

Assist with building two new raised beds, filling with dirt and compost, as well as cleaning out and amending the current garden beds.  Wear long sleeves and pants, sun protection, and close-toed shoes.  Feel free to bring a refillable water bottle and work gloves, if you have them.

Registration is required to volunteer as spots are limited. Register online at GivePulse.


DAC Nights Presents The Booksellers A Documentary Film Screening & Book Swap!

DAC Nights: The Booksellers and Book Swap!

An in-person event 
Wednesday, December 20, 2023 

Come to the Dougherty Arts Center on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, and take in a screening of the 2020 documentary The Booksellers. Explore the world of rare books collectors and dealers in New York, celebrating book culture and book lovers alike! 

While you’re at the DAC, why not also prepare for the holidays with an early celebration of Jolabokaflod, the Icelandic tradition of giving and receiving new books. DAC will have a collection of books ready for the swap, so bring your own to spread the love of reading and holidays! 

This event is free! Registration is required for the film screening, as space is limited.

Register online on Eventbrite.

Digital Programming 

The DAC is proud to offer free digital programming for the public.

Adult Art Lessons

Instructor-led lessons in various different mediums of ceramics, drawing & painting, and digital arts.

Ceramics: Ceramic Trays

Ceramics: Adding Form to Coil Vessel

Ceramics: Making a Bowl on the Potters Wheel

Ceramics: Adding Details to Sculptures with Jon Nelson Video 3

Ceramics: Trimming a Bowl

Ceramics: Rhyton Part 1 - Handbuilding the vessel

Ceramics: Rhyton Part 2 - Decorating the vessel

Ceramics: Hand Building a Dog Food Bowl

Ceramics: Hand Building a Cat Food Bowl

Ceramics: How to Make a Plate on the Wheel

Ceramics: How to Trim a Plate

Ceramics: Texture Glazing Ceramics - Video 4

Ceramics: Learn How to Make an Oil Bottle

Ceramics: How to Make A Vase on the Potters Wheel

Ceramics: Make a Cup on the Wheel

Ceramics: Make a Ring Holder on the Potters Wheel

Ceramics: Make a Coffee Pour Over

Ceramics: Make a Flower Brick part 1

Ceramics: Make a Flower Brick part 2

Ceramics: Make a Large Serving Dish

Ceramics: Trim a Large Baking Dish

Ceramics: Make a Teapot Part 1

Ceramics: Make a Bird House

Ceramics: Make a Teapot Part 2

Ceramics: Make a Bird Bath & Feeder

Ceramics: How to Reclaim Clay Scraps

Ceramics: Trimming With a Chuck

Ceramics: Make Screen Printed Decals

Ceramics: Make a Clay Pumpkin on the Potter's Wheel

Ceramics: Pinch Pot Clay Pumpkin

Ceramics: Basic Clay Wedging

Ceramics: How to Pull Cup Handles

Ceramics: Glazing a Mug: Two Ways

Ceramics: Spiral Clay Wedging

Ceramics: Make Mug Handles

Ceramics: Cut and Slam Wedging

Ceramics: Make a Lidded Jar

Ceramics: What Are Pyrometric Cones?

Ceramics: Firing Ceramics 101

Drawing: Portrait Drawing Hacks

Drawing:Urban Sketching in Your Yard

Drawing: The Five Aspects of Light

Drawing: Hatching & Cross-Hatching - Pen & Ink Shading Techniques, Part I

Drawing: Stippling & Scribbling - Pen & Ink Shading Techniques, Part II

Drawing: Drawing on Book Pages

Drawing: How To Start Drawing a Portrait

Drawing: Grid Drawing

Drawing: Drawing Drapery

Drawing: Ditch Your Eraser: Hand Lettering

Drawing: Additive and Subtractive Drawing

Drawing: Developing a Daily Drawing Practice

Drawing: Using Notan as a Composition Tool

Drawing: Ditch Your Eraser: Embracing Mistakes

Drawing: Tips & Tricks: Thumbnails

Drawing: Gesture Drawing: How and Why

Drawing: Drawing Hair In Portraits

Drawing: Using Perspective To Draw The Human Head

Drawing: Tips & Tricks: Urban Sketching Trees & Shrubs

Drawing: 2B or not 2B: The Pencil Code

Drawing: Tips & Tricks: Sharpening Art Pencils

Drawing: Tips & Tricks: Walnut Ink

Drawing: Squint: What’s a Value Study?

Drawing: Face It: Using Value Shapes To Draw The Human Face

Drawing: Hands Up- Drawing Hands

Drawing: Why Perspective Is Hard To Get Right Part 1

Drawing: Sketching Clouds in Pen & Ink

Drawing: Why Perspective is Hard to Get Right? Part 2

Drawing: Blind Contour Drawing

Painting: Indigo Hills Watercolor

Painting: Basics - The Painter's Sketchbook

Painting: A Guide to Abstract Painting

Painting: Riverbank Scene in Watercolor

Painting: Pink Water Lily Watercolor

Painting: Creating a Watercolor Study

Painting: Blending & Dry Brushing

Painting: Seascape in Watercolor

Painting: Highlights and Edges

Painting: Tips for Beginning Acrylic Painters

Painting Basics: Color Theory

Painting: Discover Watercolor Crayons

Painting: Color Theory

Painting Basics: The Self-Critique

Painting: Exploring Color in Neutral Tones

Painting: Watercolor Crayon Still Life

Painting Basics: Oil or Acrylic?

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: Abstract with India Ink

Painting Basics: Setting Up a Still Life

Painting: Abstract Art: What’s Going On Here?

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: Stormy Sky

Painting: Tips & Tricks: Composition

Painting: Watercolor: Using Expressive Color

Painting: Tips & Tricks: DIY Painting Set Up

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: Mixed Media Collage

Painting: Watercolor - Oil Pastels with Watercolor

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: Painting Trees

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: How to Paint Clouds

Painting: Painting a Starry Sky With Ink

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: Brush Basics

Painting: Painting Clouds With Gouache

Beginning Watercolor: Falling Leaves

Watercolor: Bounced Color

Watercolor: The 10 Minute Field Sketch

Watercolor Sketchbook: Simplifying a Complex Subject

Paint a Purple Iris

Digital: Photoshop - Clone Stamp

Digital: Photoshop - Blending Modes

Digital: Introduction to Illustrator

Craft: Paper Quilling

Craft: Papier-Mâché Cactus Sculpture

Craft: Trellis Ladder for your Garden

Craft: Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Squirrel Feeder

Craft: Cross Stitch Earring Holder

Craft: Hypertufa Planters

Craft: Make a Peephole Diorama

Craft: Make a Tunnel Book

Craft: Make Paper Flowers

Craft: Upcycled Wine Cork Board

Craft: Tips & Tricks: Cutting Collage Elements

Crafts: Upcycled Lawn Chair

Crafts: Bat Macrame Wall Hanging

Crafting: Folded Book Art

Crafting: Upcycled Toy Frame

Crafting: Upcycled Tinsel Tree

Crafting: DIY Stamped Wrapping Paper

Crafting: Upcycled Sweater Mittens

Crafting: DIY Pajaki

Mixed Media: A Template for Working With Mixed Media

Mixed Media: Blackout Poetry on Book Pages

Mixed Media: Reviving an Abandoned Drawing

Mixed Media: Curating Collage Elements

Photography: DIY Camera Obscura

Photography: Make a Paraxinoscope

Photography: Smartphone Photography: How to Tune Your Image

Photography: Natural Light Photography

Photography: Smart Phone Photography: How to Remove Unwanted Content

Smartphone Photography: How to Rotate and Crop an Image

Smartphone Photography: Adding Shallow Depth of Field

Smartphone Photography: Creating a Black and White Image with the Subject in Color

Studio Tour with Robin Gary

Studio Tour with Jennifer Hill

Studio Tour with Andrea Patin

Studio Tour with Adrienne Hodge

Artist Professional Development

The Artist Resource Center is pleased to host free monthly professional development workshops for artists. Covering a different topic each month, our workshops give artists the tools to develop and advance their careers in the arts.

Artist Resource Center Professional Development Workshop

Paper Pandemonium

Paper Pandemonium Webpage


Dougherty Arts Center Replacement text image header and link to website

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department is taking the next steps toward moving the Dougherty Arts Center out of the beloved naval center and into a newly envisioned building to be constructed on Butler Shores Park.

DAC Replacement Project Webpage