City Budget 

Review the current year’s approved budget, search raw data, and learn how to contribute to the City’s budget process.

City Budget

FY 2025 - 2029 Five-Year Financial Report

This report promotes transparency and accountability in the City's Financial Management. View projected expenditures, revenues, and fund forecasts.

FY 2025-2029 Five-Year Financial Report (PDF, 1 MB)

Tax Rates

Understand City of Austin tax rates for fiscal year 12024 and review previous years' rates. 

Tax Rates


Check on the status of bond programs.


Financial Reports

Review the current Annual Comprehensive Financial Report and other financial statements. 

Financial Reports

Municipal Advisor Rule Representation Letter

Click to view the Municipal Advisor Representation Letter (PDF, 161KB)

Community surveys

Each year the City of Austin administers a community survey to assess satisfaction with the delivery of the major City Services and to help determine priorities for the community as part of the City's ongoing planning process. View the most recent and historic results.

Survey dashboard

Past surveys


2021 Report (PDF, 6.1MB)


2019 Presentation (PDF, 3MB)

2019 Report (PDF, 3.3MB)

2019 Appendices (PDF, 43.3MB)


2018 City Council Presentation (PDF, 1.6MB)

2018 Report (PDF, 2.7MB)

2018 Appendices (PDF, 17.1MB)


2017 City Council Presentation (PDF, 1.7MB)

2017 Report (PDF, 11.5MB)

2017 Appendices (PDF, 7.6MB)


2016 City Council Presentation (PDF, 2MB)

2016 Report (PDF, 17MB)

2016 Appendices (PDF, 2MB)


2015 City Council Presentation (PDF, 1.2MB)

2015 Report (PDF, 14.7MB)

2015 Appendices (PDF, 6.9MB)

Projects and programs portfolio

Public Private Partnership (P3) Program Office

Strategic Facilities Plan

The City typically purchases existing office buildings when the opportunity or need arises. Many of the buildings we own are reaching the end of their usefulness or do not meet the functions for which they were intended. To meet our current and future facility needs and reduce the reliance on leased space, we have developed a public-private partnership approach to facilities acquisition which harnesses the commercial real estate market to provide a service which the City has not had much experience.


Documents are in PDF format.  To download click Adobe Acrobat Reader

CIP Plans
2022 - 2023 (pgs 510-601 in FY23 Budget) PDF
2021 - 2022 (pgs 492–568 in FY22 Budget) PDF
2020 - 2021 (pgs 518-590 in FY21 Budget) PDF
2019 - 2020 PDF
2018 - 2019 PDF
2017 - 2018 PDF
2016 - 2017 PDF
2015 - 2016 PDF
2014 - 2015 PDF
2013 - 2014 Volume One PDF
2013 - 2014 Volume Two PDF
2012 - 2013 PDF
2011 - 2012 Volume One PDF
2011 - 2012 Volume Two PDF
2010 - 2011 PDF
2009 - 2010 PDF
2008 - 2009 PDF
2007 - 2008 PDF




Capital Projects Explorer is an interactive tool that gives you details about projects and programs funded by the City of Austin's Capital Budget—which is used for building or acquiring new assets and rehabilitating or replacing existing assets—and funds the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Capital Projects Explorer shows active projects (excluding Austin Energy) that are currently being funded in the City. Project filters and a map are available to help you navigate through the many and diverse projects that make up the City of Austin's CIP.