This service allows you to reserve names for new streets.



Click here to view Austin and Travis County Street Name Standards. These standards will guide you to name your streets appropriately.

At a Glance:

  1. Avoid overused words
  2. Avoid proximity to similar sounding names
  3. Maintain street name continuity

Disclaimer: The Do Not Use List is not comprehensive. Please refer to the Street Name Database for overused words.

Click here to view the Street Name Database. The Street Name Database includes City of Austin and Travis County streets that are either in use or reserved for use.

Click on the magnifying glass in the top left corner of the Street Name Database to search the name you wish to reserve. If the name appears in this list, it may not be used for another street.

After you've confirmed that the name you want to reserve is not on the list and follows the Austin and Travis County Street Name Standards, send an email to requesting that your street name(s) be reserved.

Subdivision and Site Plan Street Name Reviews

  1. Include in the subject line of the email, Street Name Reservation
  2. Include the name of the project and case number, if applicable in the subject line of the email. Ex. Street Name Reservation - SP-2022-1234 Austin City Subdivision
  3. Include the number of street names required for the project
  4. List of street names with street types.  You may submit more names than necessary for review, but you can only reserve a number equal to the number of streets that will be required to name all of the accesses.
  5. Preliminary plat or site plan page with proposed street names

     Remove all forms of punctuation from the streets shown on site plans and/or preliminary plans for faster service.


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