The Sidewalk Program is responsible for the City of Austin sidewalk and shared streets network. The work of the Sidewalk Program is guided by the Sidewalks, Crossings, and Shared Streets Plan. The Plan includes the City of Austin Transition Plan for sidewalks as the Americans with Disabilities Act is a driving factor in making sure that the right-of-way along Austin's streets are safe and accessible for all. 

Austin Sidewalks, Crossings and Shared Streets Plan

View the City of Austin Sidewalks, Crossings, and Shared Streets Plan (Adopted Nov. 30, 2023) and the appendices

Learn about ATX Walk Bike Roll: the project to update the 2016 Sidewalk Plan.

Sidewalk Network Maps

View an interactive map of sidewalk projects scheduled to begin within the next 30, 90 and 180 days. Using the map 'layers' you can also view completed sidewalk projects since 2011. Sidewalk Program funding comes from Austin's Mobility Bonds, Quarter-Cent funds, fee-in-lieu, grants, and other sources.

View the Mobility Annual Plan (MAP) to see sidewalk projects planned for the next year with funding from Austin’s 2016, 2018, and 2020 Mobility Bonds. The MAP includes all bond funded sidewalk projects to be constructed by both the Sidewalk Program and other partner departments.

Get Involved!

Report sidewalk obstructions and request sidewalk repairs by calling Austin 3-1-1 or using the Austin 3-1-1 mobile app.

There are many ways to get involved! Work with your elected mayor and council member. Be informed on local elections or engage in local government at City Hall by serving on a board or commission that is important to you.

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