You have local knowledge about the best ways to walk, bike, or roll within your community. With your insight, we can better plan for the future of Austin’s sidewalks, urban trails, and bikeways. 

Graphic of people standing with bikes and wheelchairs

Public Outreach

  • Our first public survey was open from August 10 - September 26. We are currently reviewing public input from 4,411 respondents and will publicize this feedback in late 2021. Check back in the Spring of 2022 when we begin our next phase of public outreach.

Review Past Meetings and Materials

Other Ways to Get Involved

Check back soon to find out about other ways you can get involved. Meetings and other opportunities to give feedback will occur often, both online and in person. We want to make it easy for everyone to give us their feedback and considerations.

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Together we can find ways to increase travel choices in Austin.