Through ATX Walk Bike Roll, Austin Public Works and Austin Transportation will update Austin's sidewalk, urban trails, and bicycle plans. These plans will guide how we build urban trails, sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes. They will also identify where we need them most. We’re exploring new options for traveling and getting outside, and we’ll need your feedback along the way.

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Updating Three Plans

  • Urban Trails Plan (2014) – The plan update for the Urban Trails Program will re-examine the proposed trail network, develop a new project selection process, and improve policies with the goal of building more miles of trails in less time.
  • Sidewalk Plan (2016) – The plan update for the Sidewalk Program and Pedestrian Crossing Program will look beyond sidewalks to create a safe pedestrian network. The update will consider where safe crossings are needed, as well as curb ramps, pedestrian islands, and more. 
  • Bicycle Plan (2014) – The plan update for the Bicycle Program will reevaluate the proposed on-street bikeway network. The update will better integrate the on-street bikeway network with urban trails, transit, and other regional projects. 

Updating these plans together will give you more choices for how you travel. That brings us closer to achieving the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP) goal of increasing how many people walk, bike, or take transit.

Centered on Equity

ATX Walk Bike Roll will center racial equity in our planning efforts. Racial equity can be defined as “the condition when race no longer predicts a person’s quality of life outcomes in our community.” 

We know that previous planning efforts have invested more heavily in some parts of Austin, and have contributed to challenges communities of color face when it comes to transportation access, health, and safety. We are reevaluating how we make decisions and will focus on working with these communities throughout the decision-making process. Learn about how we are updating our plans through an equity lens on the About ATX Walk Bike Roll webpage.

What's Happening Now?

Austin Public Works and Austin Transportation are currently reviewing public feedback on the three draft plans. The draft plans were released on January 27 and the public comment period closed on March 21. Based on public feedback and recommendations from various Boards and Commissions, the three plans will be revised and packaged with a set of amendments to the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP). The revised plans and ASMP amendments will be presented to the Planning Commission in April. Finally, a public hearing at City Council will be held, and Council will vote on whether to adopt the final plans. An official notice will be posted before the Council hearing date.

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