The Zilker Metropolitan Tour is a virtual guide that offers highlights of spots around the park. Some of these points of interest are well-known and some you may have not even known existed. You are invited to enjoy this guide as you explore the park or in preparation of your journey. This guide is also provided as a part of the Zilker Park Vision Plan process.

Visit all of the sites and explore Zilker here.

Image of Great Lawn of Zilker Metropolitan Park looking toward downtown

If you would like to explore each location individually, the links below can be accessed by QR code at the particular locations in Zilker Metropolitan Park. If you can't make it to the park, stop by here to learn a little about each spot and see some pictures. The locations are broken into types of park amenities and the same amenity may be in multiple categories. If the site has its own webpage, you can link to that site by clicking "additional information."


Passive or Active Recreation Areas

Cultural, Educational, or Recreation Centers

Historical Sites

Buildings and Facilities

Additional Points of Interest