This project will reduce the risk of flooding of homes, yards and streets through an upgraded storm drain system that includes detention pond improvements, upgraded storm drain pipe and new storm drain inlets.


The storm drain system in the Brassiewood Drive area was designed and constructed using outdated drainage criteria and is not able to handle large rain events. This causes homes and streets to flood during heavy rainfall. This project will reduce the risk of flooding by increasing the drainage capacity of the storm drain system.

Public Meeting

We held a virtual public meeting on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, to talk about project updates.

Project Area

Map of project area, complaints and floodplain

Flood Survey

Please tell us about your experiences with flooding through our online form. There is an option to send flood photos at the end of the form. Please have any photos that you'd like to share ready to upload before filling out the form.

Status and Timeline

The City completed an engineering feasibility study of the project area in September 2019. The results of this study identified potential solutions to reduce the risk of flooding. The City is now in the Preliminary Engineering Phase and will generate computer models to test these potential solutions. The Preliminary Engineering Report is expected to take approximately one year to complete.

While we are looking for potential large-scale solutions, we are simultaneously working on short-term solutions based on input we received from the community to reduce the risk of flooding of homes. On August 19, slot drain inlets were removed from Nesting Way and were replaced with larger curb inlets. This was done to improve the flow of water and reduce the likelihood of flooding due to debris clogging the inlets.

Other short-term solutions include the installation of a new storm drain system along Softwood and Creekbend and closing Pleasant Valley Road to traffic during a heavy rain event. 

Project Contacts

John Middleton, Local Flood Supervising Engineer, (512) 974-3515

To be added to the email distribution list, please email Susan Garnett.