AFD Emergency Prevention engineers review site plans, building plans, and fire protections system plans associated with new construction and/or renovations.

Fire Protection Engineering

AFD's Fire Protection engineers are primarily responsible for fire safety features in the design of buildings, including the design of the overall site, and new and renovated buildings. Features include fire access roads, fire hydrant placement, fire sprinklers, smoke alarms, fire alarm systems, fire pumps, smoke control and ventilation, egress systems, and other special extinguishing systems. Fire protection systems and equipment generally are required to comply with the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

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Fire System Plan Review Status – FIRR Case

For system plan status follow the steps below:

  • Visit Austin Build + Connect website
  • Enter associated BP in “Search by Permit Number” field
  • Select “Yes” in “Related Folder” field
  • View details in “Status” field under FIRR case

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