The Austin Core Transportation (ACT) Plan is a study of transportation and mobility options into, out of, through and within Downtown Austin.  The ACT Plan will coordinate with and facilitate several major downtown projects: Project Connect, I-35 Capital Express Central and the Palm District Planning Initiative. We are partnering with the Downtown Austin Alliance to engage downtown stakeholders in the process.

Austin Core Transportation Plan

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Why do we need the ACT Plan and how will this plan help?

A lot has changed since the last time we set our mobility vision for Downtown Austin. Since then, there have been big changes:

Downtown is the center of our region, and many people live, work and travel there each day. Given the limited space, Downtown presents unique opportunities and challenges. With improved travel options to, from and within downtown, we can facilitate more people enjoying the possibilities that Downtown offers.

The ACT Plan will work through identified needs in our transportation network, coordinate with other ongoing efforts related to land use and transportation in the area, and present feasible options for improving mobility and access Downtown. It will include a list of projects to help us achieve our vision, and it will include an implementation plan identifying cost estimates and other obstacles to realization.

Where is ACT happening?

The ACT Plan applies to Downtown Austin, which is bound by Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to the north, Lamar Boulevard to the west, Lady Bird Lake to the south and Interstate 35 to the east.

Map of downtown Austin

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