Under Texas Election Law Chapter 254 - Political Reporting, candidates, officeholders and specific-purpose committees are required to file their campaign finance reports with the City Clerk’s Office. In addition to the hardcopy filed with the City Clerk, Austin Code Section 2-2-26 (A) states:

A candidate, officeholder, or political committee required by the City Code or state law to file a campaign finance report with the city clerk shall, in addition to the required report, also provide to the city clerk a structured data file containing the contents of the campaign finance report. The data file must comply with specifications and be on media determined by the city clerk. The data file must be provided to the city clerk no later than the date that the associated campaign finance report must be filed.

For current state and city campaign finance forms, visit the Campaign Finance Forms page. Go to the Campaign Finance Data Search page to find self-reported campaign finance data submitted to the City Clerk since 2016.

Requirements & Deadlines

Contribution and Expenditure Reports (C&E Reports) and City Campaign Finance Reports are required to be filed with the City Clerk's office at various times as required by state law or city code. For specific reporting requirements and filing deadlines, contact the Texas Secretary of State Elections Division at 800-252-VOTE (8683), Texas Ethics Commission at 512-463-5800, or the Office of the City Clerk at 512-974-2210.

Campaign Finance Data Portal

To view data of Campaign Finance Reports submitted to the Clerk's Office, visit the search page.

Finance Reports

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