Austin City Hall

About the Office of the City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk  (OCC) supports the City's goal of transparency by preserving and providing public access to Council-approved documents, promoting City-wide compliance with records retention laws, and facilitating the legislative process.

Council Support

By charter, the City Clerk is appointed by the City Council. The council relies on OCC to manage council-approved records per legal requirements and provide other support services.

Official Council Documents

OCC provides public access to such council-approved documents, council meeting agendas and minutes, ordinances, resolutions, election documents, and more via the Council Meeting Information Center.

Records Management

OCC provides consulting and training to City departments on records management systems, policies, standards, and guidelines. OCC also inventories, transfers, stores, retrieves, and retains records from City departments according to law.

Other Services

OCC assists citizens wanting to serve on a board or commission, participate at a Council meeting, receive a proclamation, and more. OCC provides services to those wanting petition validation, a liquor license, and lobbyist registration.