The Civil Service Office administers processes regarding the initial selection, advancement, and conditions of employment in accordance with Chapter 143 of the Texas Local Government Code, Civil Service Commission Rules, and agreements with employee associations (labor associations).

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 Civil Service Office is conducting business primarily via phone and email until further notice.  Please email the following individuals with any questions, and you will receive a response shortly.  Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to deliver services to our public safety employees. 

Matthew Chustz,  Acting Civil Service Administrator 512-974-2859

For EMS and AFD - Mecia Griffin, Coordinator 512-974-3235

For APD - Michael Sullivan, Coordinator 512-974-3314


Key Functions:

  • Coordinate and Administer Civil Service Commission Meetings.
  • Administer Promotional Written Examinations and Assessment Center Process.
  • Coordinate Entrance Exams for Beginning Positions.
  • Coordinate Civil Service Appeal Hearings.
  • Process Public Information Requests.
  • Process Request for Certifications (Promotions).
  • Maintain Civil Service Personnel Files.

Firefighters', Police Officers' and Emergency Medical Services Personnel's Civil Service Commission

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Civil Service Office Staff and Contact Information:

Matthew Chustz, Acting Civil Service Administrator    
Phone: 512-974-2859

Michael Sullivan, Civil Service Coordinator
Phone: 512-974-3314

Mecia Griffin, Civil Service Coordinator
Phone: 512-974-3235