2021 Cadet Hiring Process

AFD is currently conducting the 2021 Fire Cadet Hiring Process.

Application Process: CLOSED.

Written Exam: COMPLETED.

You can find your written exam test score using your Confirmation Number. 

Structured Oral Process (SOP): COMPLETED. 

SOP videos are currently under review. We will post composite scores, along with the Initial Rank List, by the end of August.

Veteran Preference Points: SUBMISSIONS CLOSED.

All submitted DD214s are currently under review; those approved will be posted as soon as the review is complete.

Initial Rank Hiring List

Combined overall scores will be posted online by confirmation number. 

Candidates with order rank of 1 - 400 are eligible to continue with the 2021 Fire Cadet Hiring Process (see below). Candidates with ranks greater than 401: Thank you for participating! We encourage you to apply again in 2023.

  • RANKS 1 thru 200 - Group 1: We will invite (via e-mail) candidates ranked 1- 200 to participate in the first pre-hire assessments, which will begin in August and run through mid-December.  Pre-Hire Applicant Weekend will be held September 17 - 20, 2021. Candidates will take a psychological assessment test in preparation for their psychological appointment and receive the Candidate Physical Ability Test® (CPAT) orientations. Attendance is mandatory for Applicant Weekend. 
  • RANKS 201 thru 400 - Group 2: Candidates with a rank of 201 - 400 will be assigned to Group 2, whose pre-hire assessments will be held in 2022. 

All pre-hire assessments are Pass/Fail and include (but are not limited to) a medical assessment with chest X-rays and lab work, psychological assessment, background check (including fingerprinting), and CPAT.

The Final Ranked Eligibility List will be comprised of applicants who pass ALL pre-hire assessments. In accordance with applicable law, all Fire Cadets will be hired from this eligibility list in rank order for the duration of the life of the list, which will be 24 months. (Since all pre-hire screenings are Pass/Fail, candidates may be eliminated, but the rank order of eligibility list stays the same.) 

Fire Cadet Academies will be scheduled for the beginning of 2022, with a third Academy scheduled to start in the fall of 2022.Tentatively, we are also scheduled for two Fire Cadet Academies in 2023. (Note that Cadet Academies are based on the needs of the Department. Additionally, not all candidates who complete and pass pre-hire assessments will be seated in an Academy; space must exist in an Academy class to accommodate a successful candidate.)


All questions should be sent to FireEmployment@austintexas.gov.

Applicants will receive a number of e-mails from this e-mail address. Please ensure you take measures so they get through to your inbox, and are not flagged as spam or junk. The Austin Fire Department is not responsible for e-mail messages that are sent, but do not reach you.

The Austin Fire Department (AFD) is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or genetic information. AFD is committed to providing access, equal opportunity, and reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities in employment, its services, programs and activities. To request reasonable accommodation, e-mail FireEmployment@austintexas.gov.