building inspections

Building Inspections

The Building Inspection Division (BID) performs construction-related inspections for residential and commercial buildings within the City limits, and electrical and plumbing services in the extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ). 

commercial site and subdivision inspections

Commercial Site and Subdivision Inspections 

The Site and Subdivision Inspection Division performs the initial inspection of all public infrastructure on commercial sites and ensures the required site work for water TAP and right of way (ROW) work is in compliance with City requirements.

environmental inspections

Environmental Inspections

The Environmental Inspection Division performs inspections on permitted site plans for temporary and permanent erosion controls, stormwater controls, critical environmental features, protection of trees and natural areas, landscape installation, and compliance with site plan requirements.  

utility cut inspections

Utility Cut Inspections

The Utility Cut Program is responsible for three types of Right-of-Way (ROW) projects — telecom and small cell; excavation for repair of dry utilities; and Residential and commercial driveways, curb cuts gutters and sidewalk repair, installation, modification, or demolition.

sound enforcement

Sound Enforcement & Inspections

The Environmental Inspection Division's Sound Enforcement Program has the primary responsibility for enforcement of Outdoor Music Venue (OMV) permits. Inspectors conduct routine inspections of commercial OMV and respond to complaints to determine if a violation has occurred.