Several departments in the City of Austin work with businesses and residents on permitting processes for a variety of needs. See below to learn more and contact information for the appropriate department.

Outdoor Amplified Sound for Music

Outdoor Amplified Sound requirements for music

Noise and Amplified Sound Enforcement rules

Residential Neighborhoods & Outdoor Amplified Sound

  • Outdoor Music Venue Permits cannot be issued for the use of sound equipment located within 100 feet of property zoned and used as "residential".
  • Amplified sound without a permit is only allowed in residential areas 10am to 10pm CST and up to 75 decibels.

Noise Ordinance – Chapter 9-2: Noise and Amplified Sound

Special Event Permit

Austin Center for Events – Oversees permitting and planning for special events and festivals.

Film Production in Austin

Film Production in Austin - Getting Started 

Film Production in Austin – City Permits

Film Production in Austin – City Contacts

Film Production in Austin – Resources

Creative Space Assistance

Creative Space Assistance Program – Funding support covering permitting requirements for creative organizations facing temporary or permanent displacement.

Development Process Team – Supports homeowners and small business owners.

Codes, Resources, Online Tools

Heritage Tourism Division – Provides funding for preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of historic buildings, sites, and districts.

Austin Cultural Trust – Supports acquisition and preservation of arts, cultural, and music spaces within Austin.

Street Performing / Busking

Street performing (a.k.a. "busking") is legal in Austin and does not require a permit unless you are performing in a City park. Please obey the following City Code requirements and best practices:

  • Acoustic performances only, with sound at 85 decibels or under - NO amplification allowed
  • Don’t block sidewalks
  • Noise or music cannot be audible to a nearby business or residence after 10:30 PM CST
  • Always cooperate with Austin Police requests
  • Safety first! Make sure you’re performing where people can safely gather without danger of stepping into a roadway

Performing Artists in the Parks Permits – Performing artists may entertain in the parks if they are registered with and approved by the Parks and Recreation Department.

  • The permit fee for performing artists is $10 per day
  • Permits may be purchased in two-week increments.
  • Contact 512-974-6797 for information.
State of Texas Regulations & Tax Requirements for Venues / Special Events

Texas Music Office Special Events Guide


Music & Entertainment Services

Ombudsman and resource for creatives and creative businesses about City operating, permitting, and code requirements, and acts as a facilitator for these groups to other City Departments. Contact Kim McCarson for details: